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WEB Dashboards

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WEB Dashboards

WEB Dashboards Module is an additional optional module of Opty-Way Enterprise Basic, Standard and Professional that allows a full integration of our ERP to WEB Based Dashboards.
Advantages of this integration is the wide range of statistic reports already created by Optima Support Staff, the possibility of having our service to create new reports directly available on a WEB Browser, tablet, or directly integrated in Opty-Way Enterprise.

Optima WEB Services created using .NET Core

Reports available directly inside WEB Browser (PC, Table, Smartphones)

Reports are organized according to the pertinence area (Production \ Sales \ Shipping)

Graphics Dashboards can be applied to any statistic data of Opty-Way Enterprise

Automatic Translations of reports according to Opty-Way Enterprise User Language

Automatic conversion of the measurement unit according to the measurement unit used in Opty-Way Enterprise

Possibility to create new report from Optima Staff

User Access Control based on the Enterprise User Permission

Microsoft scheduler can be used to run the report automatically every day, hour and so on