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Opty-Way Enterprise Professional Purchase and Stock Module is an additional tool that allows detailed stock management and purchase. It’s a useful function for all medium-sized companies using external packages e.g. even Microsoft Excel or Word to manage purchase orders.

Purchased items are based on standard Stock Codes, so the program warns the user when items or products are not available in stock during sales order data entry or when the quantity available in stock is under a certain threshold. Starting from the sales order a purchase order is automatically created to the external Suppliers assigned to that specific process or product.

Supplier List

Purchase Order Creation and management

Multiple Purchase Price List Management

Purchase Order creation starting from the Sales Order

Purchased Item Price History

Document Archiving

Mail and Fax Document Management

Default Item Supplier

Inventory Management

Minimum Inventory Control

Purchase Order Item Area Allocation

Optimized Glass Sheet Allocation

Purchase and Stock Allocation Statistics

Barcode Stock Loading

Glass Sheet Code and Supplier Traceability