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Re-OPT is a Cutting Control station typically installed near the cutting table Numeric Control, specifically designed to manage breakage and to avoid last plate wastage. Local breakage can be tagged directly using a touch screen monitor and automatically re-optimized on the next usable plate.

Re-OPT is very useful when compliance with the production sequence is mandatory, usually for IG manufacturers and when combined with a Rack-Way sorting system and TV-Way monitoring software.

Graphic Display of Cutting Diagram designed to work with Touch Screen System

Constant material flow without cycle stops

Minimization of waste and higher yield; considerable raw material savings

Increased productivity of cutting lines, higher glass availability for the subsequent phases

Significantly improved management of breakages and consequent reprocessing inside the production cycle

Re-Optimization from Specific Sheet

Integration of Broken units from other Working Center Graphical display of glass defects (spots)

Integration of Opty-Way Enterprise “Rush Orders” Integration with Crane Loader System

Last Sheet Offcut Priority Optimization

Connection to Opty-Way Enterprise SQL Database

Communication with TsV-Way and Line Manager Monitoring Systems

Online control of Cutting Table