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Re-OPT is a Cutting Control station typically installed near the cutting table Numeric Control, specifically designed to manage breakage and to avoid last plate wastage.
Local breakage can be tagged directly using a touch screen monitor and automatically reoptimized on the next usable plate. Breakages can be declared by the cutting table operator but can be also integrated additional pieces, of the same material of current JOB, declared as broken to any GMC-Monitor tracking station.
Re-OPT check the pool list and, if needed, automatically add them to the current batch and reoptimize the reaming sequence.

Re-OPT is very useful when compliance with the production sequence is mandatory, usually for IG manufacturers and when combined with a Rack-Way sorting system and TV-Way monitoring software.

Graphic Display of Cutting Diagram designed to work with Touch Screen System

Constant material flow without cycle stops

Minimization of waste and higher yield; considerable raw material savings

Increased productivity of cutting lines, higher glass availability for the subsequent phases

Significantly improved management of breakages and consequent reprocessing inside the production cycle

Automatically Re-Optimization from that particular sheet in case of needs

Manually edit specific sheets

Integration of Broken units from other Working Center

Graphical display of glass defects (spots)

Integration of Opty-Way Enterprise “Rush Orders” Integration with Crane Loader System

Last Sheet Offcut Priority Optimization

Connection to Opty-Way Enterprise SQL Database

Communication with TsV-Way and Line Manager Monitoring Systems

Printing the label “on the fly” of the executed plate

Online control of Cutting Table