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Optimization tools

Rack-Way is a sequence-maintaining optimization add-on. Rack-Way lets you achieve the best optimization results with the smallest amount of “A Racks” or “L Racks” space around the break-out table without any additional manual sorting needs. Rack-Way reduces manual sorting, thus increasing productivity and quality: less breakage, defects and scratches. Different glass types are automatically synchronized and spacers are produced accordingly. Highly recommended for IG Manufacturers. Also useful for Harp-Racks.

Sequence-maintaining optimization

Supports different restrictions to optimize without re-sorting on the break-out area

Management of traditional A-frame, L-frame and harp racks

Definition of rack physical characteristics

Dynamic stacking mode

Grouping and Sorting criteria function for items listed on the batch

Ascending or Descending Sorting Directions

Quantity and Size Exception Management

IG Assembling sequence creation for Automatic IG Lines

Spacer bending sequence creation for Spacer Bender

Maximum quantity or depth value per type of rack

Printout of Rack List and Detailed Stack List

Rack No. and Position assignment for Edit-Way, TV Way and Re-OPT display