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Enterprise Basic

Erp systems
Opty-Way Enterprise Basic

Opty-Way Enterprise Basic is a Network Microsoft SQL based application that supports multiple users for Cutting Optimization and basic production management. This program has been designed for Insulating Glass Manufacturing companies and can easily import data from local/third party ERP software.

When integrated with Rack-Way Sorting system, Re-OPT, TV-Way and Line Manager modules, together with the GMC-Way Monitor Tracking System, become a complete, easy-to-use and affordable solution with high-level integration of Multiple Cutting Tables, Spacer Benders, IG Sealing Lines, Crane Loaders and Offcuts sorting system for all companies that need a flexible and powerful production tool.

Microsoft SQL-based Application that supports up to 5 simultaneous users

Full Graphic, Microsoft Windows-based Order Processing System

Customer's data Management

Production Order Management with integrated Geometrical Shape Library (Geo-Way)

Single, Tempered, IG, Triple IG, IG with Georgian, Laminated glass management

Stepped Insulating Glass Management

Aluminum, Metal, Superspacer, TPS, Resin Spacer Management for IG with Multiple GAS Type Selection

Customizable Edge Deletion and Polishing for each side of a Shape

Multiple orders filter options for definition and creation of a Batch

Organization for Break-out area using A Racks, L Racks or Harp Racks (Rack-Way Option)

Organization of IG assembling according to Production Rack Sequence (Rack-Way Option)

Order, Work Order, Batch, Stock Glass and Item Online Status (GMC-Way Monitor Option)

Predefined List of Standard Reports

Customizable Label with Barcode, Datamatrix and QR Code for Production Tracking

Opty-Way / Rack-Way Optimization Algorithm

Tempering Line Loading Sequence Optimization Module

Cutting Table, Spacer Bender, Double Edger and IG Line CNC Connections

Insulating Glass Aluminum Spacer Linear Optimization

Standard Pieces Management (Fillers)

Insulating Glass Pair Optimization

Optimization Sheet Reduction Function

High definition Optimization printout

Stock Sheet and Offcut Management

Post-Optimization Sheet Editor (Edit-Way)

External Orders List Import from ASCII, XML, XLS and CSV file formats