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Optimization tools

Opty-Way is the end result of more than 20 years of experience and today is the world’s most widely used optimizer for the flat glass industry. Opty-Way, our standard algorithm, is the heart of the Edit-Way, Opty-Way and Opty-Way Enterprise product line. It can be used to optimize unlimited sizes of glass and sheets and, because it guarantees perfect output optimization for small and big batches, it is also useful for automatic cutting of monolithic and laminated glass as well as hand cutting processes.

More than 90 algorithms for best optimization result

Basic / Standard / Full optimization Mode for Monolithic Glass

Specific Optimization Mode for Laminated Glass Cutting Tables

Priority and Preference Management

Standard Piece Management (Fillers)

Automatic Sheet Reduction Function

IG Spacer Linear Optimization

Insulating Glass Pair Optimization

Excess Piece Management

Glass Pieces Size Tolerance Management

Order, Customer and Batch Grouping Function

Tool Thickness Management for cutting with Saw

Optimization Sheet Reduction Function

Automatic Offcut Loading and Re-Optimization

Automatic Shape Nesting

Automatic Crosscut Displacing Function