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New features in Opty-Way Enterprise Rel. 6.2

Opty-Way Enterprise Professional

Master/Slave Price Calculation

On the latest release of Opty-way Enterprise it has been introduced the possibility to work with multiple price lists at the same time and to define a hierarchy in price research and calculation. With this new feature the user can create a base price list (the “Master”) to collect all those voices that are common to each customer/price list and then define as many Variant price lists as wanted (the “Slaves”) to define all those voices that changes customer by customer or case by case.

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There are not restrictions to the number of variant price lists that the user can create or link to a parent one. In the same way, there are not restrictions to the number of Base price lists that can be created and linked to detail ones (even though there must always be the relationship 1 Slave has only 1 Master).
As practical example, users can create a Master price list to define the prices of the raw materials and of all the other fixed costs. Afterwards, one or more variant price list will be created to define surcharges or discount that will be applied over the prices defined in the Base one. With this structure users can include all shared conditions into a unique price list and to create, think and define tenth of different custom condition in as much variant price list.
A unique base price list means a unique place where to change common voices and that means a considerable save of time in case of prices changes: if a base price will change it will be enough to change values in the Master price lists without need to scroll all price lists to change multiple times the same voice that would have been duplicated and replicated in case of lack of this hierarchical price list structure.

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By means of an intuitive color code it will be possible to identify if a price voice comes from the Master (blue), and therefore is read-only, or if it’s an editable voice that belongs to the variant price lists.
As further option, the user can even decide to disable a price voice from the Master or to Override it creating a local copy of the global price condition.

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