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Single user Solutions

The Optistrato software solution has been specifically created for the laminated glass cutting and breaking-out systems and usually is installed on a workstation next to the cutting plant NC and integrated with the PLC. This can be used as an interactive control of the cutting sequence, providing a dynamic display of cutting status on the monitor. It includes on board data optimization, re-optimization if sheets break and utilization of sheet pieces on the table. It can also retrieve optimizations from office Opty-Way optimization software and Opty-Way Enterprise ERP.

Loading of optimization made from office (Opty-Way)

Loading of optimization made from local Edit-Way

Re-Optimization from Specific Sheet

Broken piece re-optimization

Dynamic Display of Cutting Sequence

Cutting List Import of ASCII, XLS and CSV file format

Master Database of Stock Glass Products

Management of Pressures, Separation and Breaking

Cycle times Optimization Results Printout

Label Designer (Label-Way) and Printout

Link to Cutting Table (creation of NC code)