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Marco Menzolini
President and founding member of Optima. Born in Imola (Bologna) on December 1, 1964.
Thanks to IT experience based on management of industrial projects and process automation in particular, he became the project development manager for Coopmes scarl, Italy’s leading flat glass processing system and machinery manufacturer. In 1995, he founded Optima, becoming actively involved in developing the first flat surface optimization software, known as Opty-Way®, which became the springboard for future development of Optima activities. Today, he defines the software product development guidelines and is responsible for strategic development of Optima solutions.

Cristian Zanca
Vice-president and founding member of Optima. Born in Ostiglia (Mantua) on January 5, 1970, he developed and consolidated his IT experience at Coopmes scarl where he managed end customer technical assistance problems. This was followed by a Sales Manager position, conducting in-depth analyses of management and maintenance problems relative to non-Italian and multilingual software systems. Today, as Optima’s Foreign Sales Manager, he supervises customer service activities as well as Optima product implementation and distribution processes.

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