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New features in Edit-Way Rel. 6.2

Optimization tools

Data Entry Restyling

Data entry of Edit-Way 6.2 was totally redesigned in order to allow easiest and fasten input of data with higher number of fields displayed on screen for labeling and report printing. Largest on scale shape preview with real dimensioning is now also available.

It can be used to optimize unlimited sizes of glass and sheets and, because it guarantees perfect output optimization for small and big batches, it is also useful for automatic cutting as well as hand cutting processes.

New data entry main features

1) Select which items from the work order need to be optimized or not (enable/disable)

2) Specify up to 20 Notes of 32 digits each per line item

3) Specify Work Order name up to 32 alphanumerical digits

4) True scale shape preview

5) Exceed Piece Management

6) Preference Sheet Management

Data Entry Restyling

Optimization \ Re-Optimization Main Form Restyling

Main Optimization Form now fully redesigned to allows a complete management of all new functions of Opty-Way optimizer brand new algorithms. New Windows redesigned in order to make simplest and easiest Optimization of a Work Order Entered form Edit-Way or a Re-Optimization made from Opty-Way or Imported via OPT Transfer File Format from 3rd parties optimizer programs.

New Optimization screen, allows now to Re-Optimize a Work Order, from a specific plate with the possibility to change Work Order Data and sheets at any time, Edit-Way will perform a Re- Optimization only of a residual plates. New

New Optimization Form main features

1) New Enhance algorithms now allows an average waste reduction of 10% from previous 6.1 version

2) Maximum Optimization Backtracking Time

3) New Crosscut Shift Function Management

4) New Sheet Reduction Function

5) Enable / Disable Fillers Pieces Management (Standard Pieces)

6) Enable / Disable Offcuts (Big wastage pieces that can be re-loaded into stock)

7) Automatic Selection of Best Optimization and Manual Selection of any other results

Doors-Way 2.0

Manual and Automatic Stock Update

Edit-Way 6.2 now supports an Automatic or Manual Sheet Stock automatic Load / Unload.
Every time a new optimization confirmed quantity of plates available in stock are automatically adjusted according to optimization results.

Stock Upgrade Features

1) Automatic Unload from Stock of Used Sheets or Offcuts

2) Automatic Load into Stock of eventual new Offcuts

3) Automatic Unload form Stock of eventual filler used

Manual and Automatic Stock Update Manual and Automatic Stock Update

Filler Pieces Management

Edit-Way 6.2 now allows to fill optimization with standard pieces (Fillers).
Optimization program add these pieces on any area of waste big enough to enter at least one filler. If Waste area is big enough to be an Offcuts, fillers are not added.

In green the filler sizes. The big waste area on the right is an Offcut (waste is painted with different color.

Cutting State Panel Function Cutting State Panel Function

Cutting State Panel

A new TAB has been added on the summary of Optimization Results of Edit-Way that allows a selection of specifics functions and production status of each optimized cutting plans.
It’s now possible, with a clear list and color status, to set plates to be deleted, to be cut or not, to be locked or not and sorted, everything from a single and clear Panel.

Cutting State Panel Function

1) Mark a plate as “Already Cut”

2) Mark a plate as “Not to Be Cut”

3) Mark a plate as “Not Optimizable”

4) Delete a Plate from Optimization Batch

5) Change Cutting Order Sequence

6) Change Cutting Repetitions of same plate

Label-Way New Function

Shift Crosscut Management

An important new Optimization feature of Edit-Way program, is the Crosscut Shift Management. This new function, in several situations where Minimum Safety Distance being used, allows improving Optimization yield trough a shift of a Crosscut that’s create a space equal to the minimum distance required.

Label-Way New Function Label-Way New Function

Sorting of Optimized Pieces

We are now able to “reorder” the cuts of each plate in order to simplify breakout operations.
This earrangement of the cuts consists first of all in a reorganization of the X crosscuts, in which are placed before the “taller” crosscuts (Y dimension) and then to descend all the others, keeping also neighbors the crosscuts composed by the same pieces. The second reordering consists in a "Pyramidal" sort type which arrange within each crosscut the pieces ordered, from bottom to top, from the wider to the narrower.

In this way it will be possible to switch from an optimization like this:

Label-Way New Function

To another like this:

Label-Way New Function


Now is possible to print labels from a wished cut plan inside the optimization to another, in the example is set up to print from the cut plan N°3 to cut plan N°4 and Holding the key “shift” and clicking onto the wished piece is possible to print the related labels only of the selected items. We also added the possibility to print the QRCode, actually supported by several app of mobile devices to link a WEB page.

Label-Way New Function

1) Possibility to print labels of pieces from a specific range of plates

2) Possibility to print labels of specific items selected on a single plate

3) Added the QRCode on a supported Barcode List

Label-Way New Function