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Delivery Racks

Erp systems
Delivery Racks

Starting from the order indicating what glass items are to be placed on the shipping racks, the Racks-Way module allows you to organize the entire production by using a set of intermediate racks (called production racks) to obtain the desired results.

Used Delivery Racks are included in the Packing List, so the detailed allocation of each rack is known. Using the GMC-Way IG Module a manual glass loading sequence can be created. With this additional module a Packing Lists can be issued starting from a list of glass items really placed on each rack.

Management of traditional A-frame or L-frame racks

Definition of rack physical characteristics

Dynamic stacking mode

Grouping and Sorting criteria function for items listed on the batch

Ascending or Descending Sorting Directions

Quantity and Size Exception Management

Maximum quantity or depth value per type of rack

Printout of Rack List and Detailed Units

Loaded List

Manual Loading Sequence trough GMC-Way Tracking Tool

Detailed Rack Status and Real-time Loading Sequence Delivery

Rack Allocation Overview

Packing List creation from Delivery Rack

Delivery Rack assignment to Delivery Note / Invoice

Delivery Rack Invoicing, according to settings, if racks are not returned