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Defect-OPT is the first optimization system that allows you to exclude in advance the areas with defects on the available space of the sheet to place the glass during optimization.
Defect-OPT is a dynamic optimization system, available as an additional module of Re-OPT and fully integrated in the cutting line supervisor Line Manager.

One of the features that makes unique and distinguishes Defect-OPT is that it does NOT mark as "broken" glasses placed over the defects and predisposes them to be re-cut again (solution which potentially creates more waste).
With this innovative tool the area with the defect is declared "not usable", so equal to an area of waste, and therefore will not be used by the optimization process that will place glasses all-around of that area allowing a very low coefficient of yield and easy to open optimizations.

Defect-OPT allows the manual definition of the defects position on the sheet but found it’s natural and efficient evolution when installed together with the GlassInspector scanner manufactured by Deltamax and usually placed between the Crane Loader and the Cutting Table.

In case of presence of defects, Defect-opt acquires the “map of defects”, suspends the cut of the sheet and proceeds with its re-optimization by means of the Re-opt module excluding the defective areas and sends the new cutting schema to the cutting table, which will resume the execution of the current program.

The advantages of Defect-OPT


Integrated with Line Manager and Optima ERP Opty-Way Enterprise

Preventive action instead of reparative action: defects are deleted since the begin, they are not repaired re-producing the glass

Defects are taken into account before and during the optimization

Filter on type and size of the defects associated with the type (and cost) of the glass in use

Very low yield rate

Integrated with Rack-way for rack position oriented optimization

Avoids treatment of windows already defective

Real quality control on the product delivered from suppliers

Historicizes defects into a central SQL database

Detailed Production Statistics

Reduction of costs through early detection of defects

Increased reliability of delivery of goods product to end customers

Improvement of the production flow by a strong reduction of remakes