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Drawing System

Cam-Way is a parametric module for 2.5-axis machining operations, specially developed for the glass and marble sector. Through CAM-Way we can fully manage Working Cycles, Machining Operation and Tool master data, Lead-in/Lead-out modes, Machining Kits, Fixing and Positioning Device Management via Database for easy use.

CAM-Way can automatically recognize internal and external pro les and holes inside drawings. The Machining Operation association to the detected pro le is very easy, by a simple drag & drop of the cycle to the pro le or group of pro les. Geo-Way parametric shape library and Door-Way Libraries are included on the package.

Grinding, Drilling, Milling and Grooving Management

Automatic Profile and Drilling Detection

Manual Editing of Detected Profiles

Easy application of edgework on existing profiles (Drag and Drop)

Suction cap List and type definition

Reference List and type definition

Lead In / Out List and type definition

Tool List

Edgework Macro Management

Parametrical Shape Library with more than 300 parts

DXF / MDF / DAT / CAL / DRF / DSG / SAG import function

Customizable Report Designer

Output of CAM-DXF format

NC Creation of any kind of 3-axis working center